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A National Organization Working to Eliminate the Technology Gap

Our Mission

The mission of Digitunity is to eliminate the technology gap, through and with a network of stakeholders and solutions, so that everyone can thrive in a digitally connected society.

Our Vision

Having a connected, working computer and the skills to use it is a fundamental need in today’s society. We envision a day when everyone is included, and a new world of opportunities is available to all people so that no one is left behind.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We believe the injustices that the digital divide inflicts on people are worthy of outrage and an urgent, societal response. With this in mind, our work includes a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly for those who are most impacted and marginalized by this divide. 
  • We believe eliminating the technology gap will open up a world of opportunities that can power human potential. Having access to a connected computer and requisite skills is essential in our digitally-connected society. No one can or should be left behind.  
  • We believe that access to technology contributes to education and health equity, employment, civic engagement, and financial stability. There are a variety of complex and interconnected factors that contribute to the technology gap and must be addressed in order to solve it. 
  • The Digital Opportunity Network consists of a wide range of actors and stakeholders, aligned behind the shared purpose of eliminating the technology gap. We believe that the collective action of a diverse array of members in a national network is much more impactful than siloed individual interests. 
  • We believe that as new technology emerges, there may always be the threat of marginalized populations being left behind. Continual, ongoing support and attention will be needed in the future to ensure equitable access to all the opportunities technology provides.


Established in 1984, a national pioneer in digital inclusion


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